God in the Workplace Small Group Survey

God in the Workplace provides a platform for local Christian business leaders to educate and motivate people to fulfill God’s purpose in the workplace.  We meet eight times a year coordinating our efforts with Lifeworks (three annual meetings) and Charleston Leadership Foundation (once annually).  Among these three groups, there is at least one Christian workplace monthly meeting.  Some participants at God in the Workplace expressed interest in additional small group meetings.  Thus, we want your feedback in creating small groups that provide the greatest benefit.

Please answer the following questions:

1. What is your primary goal/objective in being a part of a God in the Workplace small group (your ideal outcome)?

2. What are you looking to get out of it?

3. What is your ideal group size for number of participants in this small group?

4. How often would you prefer to meet?

5. What is your ideal vision for the group make-up? (Type in your top 3 from the list below and add any details that would be helpful for us to understand your vision)

  • Industry Type
  • Company size
  • Geographic location
  • Business Stage
  • Specific Discipline by department
    (Operations, Human Resource, Training & Development, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology (IT) or Finance)
  • Other

6. Would you attend this group in addition to or in place of the eight God in the Workplace meetings?

7. Where are you in your spiritual walk with God? (On scale of 1 to 10; 1=Not very close10=Very close)

8. How much spiritual feeding do you hope to get from this group?

9. Additional comments/feedback