Attendee Comments

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What Leaders are saying about the book
“God in the Market Place”

“Each page Challenges ‘conventional wisdom’ with time tested truth” –John D. Beckett, Chairman, R.W. Beckett Corporation

“Relevant, Helpful, Instructive and Encouraging!”–Ron F. Wagley, Chairman and CEO (Retired), Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group

What Leaders are saying about the Seminar
“God in the Workplace”

“…I am very grateful to Charleston Southern University for their support of this educational opportunity. I also greatly appreciate the business men and women who are involved in the program providing mentoring and insight to those of us seeking to follow God’s call in the marketplace. (read full testimonial)
–Kevin Alford, President, Beyond Wealth, LLC, 2010 Seminar

“The combination of speaker presentations along with an interview is excellent.” –Anonymous Attendee, Spring 2010 Seminar

“Having different speakers and panelists is a wonderful way to provide diverse examples of living out our faith in the workplace. The topics were wide-ranging and well-balanced.” –Anonymous Attendee, Spring 2010 Seminar