Bill Ciocco, Guest Speaker on January 8, 2015

Love Works part1 presentation (PDF)



Bill is a corporate chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America. He serves several businesses in the tri-county area including Cocoa-Cola and South Carolina Federal Credit Union. He has been with Corporate Chaplains for 11 years. Prior to that, he was in Treasury Services Sales with BB&T Bank.

He has a Bachelors in Ministry Degree from Bethany Bible College and Masters of Theology from Gordon Conwell Seminary.

Bill and his wife Christine have been married for 25 years and attend Seacoast Church in Mount Peasant. The enjoy the outdoors and participate in triathlons together.

Bill is going to discuss “Love Works”, a book by Joel Mamby that explains how we can use the principles in 1 Corinthians 13 to transform the workplace. Joel was featured on an episode of Undercover Boss and addressed the staff and wives of Corporate Chaplains during a three-day workshop at Stone Mountain.

Come and discover how you might be able to incorporate God’s Word into your business while making your business or department a better place to be.