Bio Dr. Rick Brewer

Guest Speaker Workshop Date: April 11 2013

Dr. Rick Brewer, Vice President for Student Affairs and Athletics, is presently in his 26th year of service at Charleston Southern University. Throughout Dr. Brewer’s tenure at Charleston Southern University, he has played a vital role in shaping the university’s vision for a comprehensive, liberal arts campus environment, spearheading and executing countless initiatives that underscore what Christian institutions are about. He has consistently taken on positions of increasing responsibility, and has brought to each his unique blend of commitment to excellence, administrative skills, and Christ-centered focus.

Workshop Topic

Rick will discuss “Managing Strategic Change: Reframing Strategic Leadership Conversations” with us this month. As marketplace leaders, we must seek to bring about change every day – in our teams, organizations, and communities – but implementing change is downright difficult, as any seasoned leader will attest. Building on the leadership style conversation, Rick will explore a six-step model of adaptive inquiry (the 6Q method) that focuses marketplace leaders and their management team on the most essential questions for advancing their mission.

The 6Q method provides a practical framework for designing and managing change within an organization. Attendees will become familiar with and be able to use the 6Q method as an approach to framing strategic leadership conversations among their management teams and see the efficacy of the method in managing change within their organization. Emphasis will be given to the answering the “Why” question that every business must answer to be obedient stewards of God’s resources.