Bio Jim Dismore

Guest Speaker Workshop Date: April 12 2012

Jim Dismore currently serves as the President of Kingdom Way Companies and Business the Kingdom Way LLC. During his 50+ years of experience in the marketplace, Jim has obtained an immense amount of practical, hands-on business experience in both retailing and manufacturing. His business career was highlighted in the early days by twelve years of working alongside Mr. Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart Stores. His career with Wal-Mart began in 1964 when Wal-Mart had only 3 stores. Jim was one of the original officers and held the position of Senior Vice President when he left the company. After leaving Wal-Mart, he held several CEO and top management positions with other retailers before making a mid-life transition to manufacturing.

In 1989 Jim relocated to Colorado where He became the President and CEO of Ultimate Support Systems, a Christian-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of stands for the music industry, the bicycle repair industry, and a revolutionary medical walker. It was after his departure from Wal-Mart that Jim felt God’s calling to incorporate kingdom work into his career path. It was not until he arrived at Ultimate that he was finally free to express, without restriction, his long-term convictions about integrating one’s spiritual beliefs with business operations.

After 29 years in ministry through this business, all divisions of Ultimate Support were sold in 2007 and 2008. This has provided Jim with the opportunity to devote 100% of his efforts toward his two nonprofit ministries. Through Kingdom Way Companies and Business the Kingdom Way LLC., training and mentoring are offered and available in various formats, including seminars and on-site leadership training, with the foundational structure goal of helping leaders operate their companies on biblical principles.