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Placing God First

In one of his messages, Pastor Greg Surratt discussed placing God first in our lives. It has probably been in more than one of his messages, but in one recent message in particular he said, “If you place God first in an area of your life and make God responsible for it, He defends it. Continue Reading »

Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reasons

Oftentimes, when teaching about following God, be it in business or in our personal lives, teachers will discuss the practical and/or material benefits of doing things in a Godly manner. I have been guilty of it myself; often extolling the virtues of chaplaincy in terms of employee retention, improved morale, and less missed work. The Continue Reading »

God in the Workplace Workshops

The God in the Workplace steering committee has been seeking God and is seeing a new direction for the God in the Workplace seminar. We are all in agreement that the seminar will be more effective and more accessible if we hold the events as ongoing monthly workshops rather than eight weekly sessions. Beginning August Continue Reading »