Doug Hunter, Executive Director, The Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership

Guest Speaker: March 10, 2016


Topic: God intends each one of us to have impact for His Kingdom through our careers and companies, but, like anything else we do, impact is maximized when we are intentional about what we are doing. Doug Hunter has lead companies and business organizations that have spanned six continents, and in each organization he has asked God for a plan to be intentional about impacting the marketplace and culture around them for Christ. God has honored that prayer.

Doug is going to share with God in the Workplace how to develop “An Action Plan for Impact…Yours and Your Company’s”. Join us on March 10, and let Doug’s 35 years of walking with God in the business world challenge you to be intentional in taking your next steps to impact your company and Charleston for Christ.


Doug Hunter began his business career in the vertical transportation industry in 1971 with Carter Elevator Company, being named its President and Chief Executive Officer in 1987. As a Christian CEO, Doug became involved with the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI), and was invited to join FCCI’s board of directors in 1992. When he sold Carter Elevator in 1994, Doug moved to Atlanta to work full-time with FCCI. In the years that followed, God developed his heart for international ministry by allowing him to work, speak and influence business executives in over 30 countries. He participated in ground-breaking ministry in both Mongolia and Vietnam, became the Founding CEO of Media Asia – a project utilizing sports television in China as a platform for the gospel – and worked with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

In 2002, Doug joined the staff of Perimeter Church in Atlanta to lead Business Partners International (BPI), a strategy to facilitate the global kingdom impact of men and women through the use of their business skills and passion … building on the belief that Business IS Ministry and Business IS Mission … and that the “call” to business is as essential to building the Kingdom of God as any other calling within the Body of Christ… Read full bio (pdf)