Joe Stringer, Anderson Insurance Associates, LLC

Guest Speaker: December 10, 2015

Joe Stringer
Joseph P. Stringer, CIC, CRM has worked in insurance and risk management for the last thirty years, twenty-five in the Charleston area. He is a Certified Risk Manager, a Certified Insurance Counselor and an Independent Insurance Broker. He has been at Anderson Insurance Associates, LLC since 1997.

Joe is actively involved in coordinating the Charleston County Emergency Management Division ESF-24 Business hotline. This volunteer position will provide direct information and resources to businesses during and after a catastrophe to help the Charleston area to recover and remain resilient. Read full bio (pdf)

Topic: The Ten Commandments of Business.

The Ten Commandments are our primer for making Jesus the center of our business.

The Ten Commandments of Business
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I. I am the Lord your God.
The Sacred exists.

II. You shall not make a graven image.
Focus on God.

III. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
Do First, Speak Last.

IV. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy.
Rest is Witness.

V. Honor your father and your mother.
Perpetuate Your Witness.

VI. You shall not murder.
Speak Life and Love.

VII. You shall not commit adultery.
Integrity is Steadfast Love.

VIII. You shall not steal.
Create Abundance.

IX. Do not bear false witness.

X. Do not covet.

Joseph P Stringer, God in The Workplace


Making Jesus Christ the center of our business life is critical in today’s world. Business is the front line of a war arising between a virulent and intolerant secular culture and our Christian beliefs and actions, our Christian life and witness.

In recent years, Christian businesses in America have been attacked for simply holding beliefs rooted in Biblical truth and refusing to compromise those beliefs to the spirit of the age. Our task today is to witness boldly to our belief in Jesus Christ. We are called to witness in work, where the lines of war are drawn. We are Christian business people. We stand upon His word through every action of our business.

But how are we to do this? Is there a primer, a simple formula to follow which might guide us in the application of Jesus Christ to business? We find that guide in God’s law: the Ten Commandments. As we seek to understand how the commandments apply directly to business, we’ll find that they are not only right. They are practical, both for our personal lives and for our work.

With my background in Risk Management and Insurance, I recognized long ago that the Ten Commandments are simply: God’s Risk Management plan for man. If we follow His commandments, we avoid the pitfalls of sin and error. Surprisingly, we also find that we prosper and grow in our work.

Our nation has forgotten that work is vocation, a calling. Our study group, God in the Workplace, arose from a Christian ministry which has centered its focus on the need to consciously bring Jesus Christ into the marketplace. This group of Christian men and women meets eight times a year to witness how they have found ways to center Christ in their work.