Kevin Alford Testimonial

I recently attended the 2010 session of God in the Workplace. It couldn’t have been better timing for me because I was preparing to launch a new business venture. Of course, it wasn’t my timing at all. It was God’s timing and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I was struggling with how far to step out with my faith when it came to things like company name, logo, mission statement, etc. I was leaving a faith-based company where the ability to integrate my faith in my business had become an important part of my business practice. One of the reasons I had chosen to go independent was the ability to maintain a faith-based practice and focus on doing what was in the best interest of my clients. Now I just had to figure out how far I should go with everything.

The sessions offered by God in the Workplace allowed me to hear from business people who have gone through similar situations and how they dealt with the decision. It also allowed me opportunities to network with other Christian professionals who feel called to integrate faith in their businesses. One session in particular really hit home and brought clarity to my discernment process. Now, my business name and logo very clearly indicate a business built around faith. The mission statement clearly states that the purpose of the business is to honor God and part of our vision is to assist our clients in becoming better stewards of the resources with which God has blessed them. God has already begun to bless our business and I am very excited about the opportunities to serve our clients and our community in the future.

I am very grateful to Charleston Southern University for their support of this educational opportunity. I also greatly appreciate the business men and women who are involved in the program providing mentoring and insight to those of us seeking to follow God’s call in the marketplace.

Kevin Alford, President
Beyond Wealth, LLC