Margaret Cotton, Senior Regional Director, Alpha USA

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Workshop Date: April 9, 2015


Margaret Cotton serves as the South Carolina Regional Director for Alpha USA. Prior to joining the Alpha organization full time in late 2009, she had 30 years’ experience in the training and media fields. As the SC Director, Margaret is the liaison between Alpha USA and churches and organizations who want to run the Alpha Course, a non denominational ten week program in Christianity, which encourages guests to explore the questions of life such as “does God heal today”… “why does God allow pain and suffering”… and “why and how should I share my faith”?

Taking Alpha at her church was a transforming time for her and after participating in Alpha, she became actively involved as a leader, which then eventually evolved into this full time position. Alpha is a 501C3 organization and Margaret raises funds from individuals, foundations and churches in order to do the work in South Carolina.

Globally, over 24 million people have taken an Alpha course, 169 countries are currently running the course and it has been translated into 112 languages. In the US, the course is run in all 50 states, and over 3 million guests have attended. Barna Research estimates that 50% of course participants make a commitment or recommitment to Christ.

The Alpha Course has many specialty ministries as well – Alpha in the Workplace, for Prisons, for the Military, Catholics, for Youth and Campus as well as a Marriage Course and a Parenting Course. Alpha in the Workplace is designed to help individuals or companies bring their faith into the workplace. Having been in the secular work force for many years, this is an area where Margaret feels Alpha can have tremendous impact.

God in the Workplace Talk Synopsis

Why & How Should I Tell Others

Why should Christians talk about their faith? Isn’t it a private matter? And if we do talk about our faith, how do we best do that? Not many people feel they are natural evangelists.

We spend an average of forty hours a week with our business associates, and we can only talk about our plans for the weekend, our kids’ activities and the weather for so long. Why not discuss things that really matter? Studies show that there is a growing spiritual hunger in the workplace. Many of the people you find yourself working with will never willingly go to church but are looking for an opportunity to discuss matters of meaning and faith. Indeed, Billy Graham said the next great mission field IS the workplace.

Margaret Cotton will share her personal testimony about how a friend’s sharing of his faith transformed her husband’s life and her own, as well as perspectives on changing attitudes towards religion and basic principles of evangelism.

She will also highlight several effective tools for sharing our faith, including “Alpha in the Workplace”, which one person called ” evangelism in a box”.

Photos from April 9, 2015 event