Questions Addressed in ‘The Business Card’

Guest Speaker: Scott Gajewsky
Seminar Date: August 9, 2102

Scott Gajewsky will drill down into a more granular detail of implementation of a Care Plan within your business. The workshop format will show you ways to care in the workplace by addressing some of the questions addressed in “The Business Card”.

  • How do we help other Christian business leaders love God’s people in their workplace by creating an environment where Christian values and virtues are truly lived out?
  • How do we help folks take what they learn on Sundays at Church (or through books or seminars) and apply it to how they live Monday through Saturday?
  • How do we help people in the workplace display the love of Christ and declare Jesus as the source of that love in a non-threatening manner?
  • How do we help leaders navigate the “fears” associated with making these God glorifying changes in their workplace?
  • How do you help leaders develop and implement a “Ministry Plan” or “Caring Plan” for their organization?
  • How do we utilize all the excellent workplace ministry tools already available by helping get them in the hands of folks who are seeking to change?
  • How do we help knock down implementation barriers, including costs, by offering coaching services for no required fee?