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There is profit in all hard work, but endless talk leads only to poverty.

~Proverbs 14:23


joint mission statement

LifeWorks-Charleston will be a conduit for Christian professionals seeking to successfully apply their faith in the marketplace, providing education and encouragement through a commitment to biblical teaching and quality programming. God in the Workplace will provide a platform for local Christian business leaders to educate and motivate people to fulfill God’s purpose in the workplace.


We know that Christian businesspeople want to honor God and continue to sustain their business through impactful growth. Christian businesspeople want their impact to reach far beyond the company’s P&L statement. God in the Workplace and LifeWorks-Charleston are here to help businesspeople understand what God says about leading your business in a way that glorifies Him and creates a flourishing environment for all your stakeholders . Knowing what God intends for your business and personal life will transform the way you approach business.


The goals of LifeWorks-Charleston are to encourage, challenge, and facilitate Biblical principles in our circles on influence in the marketplace.  This is accomplished through speakers who have experience sharing their faith in the marketplace and will encourage the Christian professional to lead their business as Christ would lead it. The God in the Workplace workshops draw from the insights of academics and local Christian business leaders as they help other Christian business leaders to integrate proper practices in their business.


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August 2024

August 8, 2024

N Charleston Marriott at 4770 Goer Dr.


God In The Workplace meetings are held at various locations and will be listed prior to each meeting date.

All Lifeworks meetings are held at CSU’s Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership

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