How We Started

In fall of 2008, Dr. Henry Blackaby came to Charleston and spoke about his new book, “God in the Marketplace.” He said at the time that he believed the next great move of God would come in the marketplace.

His talk had a tremendous impact on several of Charlestonians including Mark Smith, Kendall Buckendahl, Grange Cuthbert, Butch Howard, and a few others. 


They devised a plan for training sessions to fill in the calendar on the months that Lifeworks and Charleston Leadership Foundation did not meet, 8 per year.  After a 10-week training session at Seacoast Church on the book the God in the Workplace workshops were launched the meetings starting in early 2009.


The directorships of God in the Workplace and Lifeworks remained separate until 2019 when they were merged under the LifeWorks 501c3 non-profit organization. The mission and vision of God in the Workplace and Lifeworks are one, however, the delivery and meeting activities are different.

About Our Workshops

God in the Workplace offers a series of workshops throughout the year that explores how you, as a business leader, can be inspired to learn how your relationship with God can be used to positively affect your business and personal environments.

Learning to see God’s activity in your work will help you view the corporate office as a mission field rather than a mine field. Be prepared for God to speak to you. Knowing what he intends for your life will revolutionize the way you approach your business.

We meet at different locations around the Charleston area.

On the months that we do not meet, we encourage you to attend the meetings of our strategic partners – Lifeworks of Charleston and the Charleston Leadership Foundation, annual Prayer breakfast. We encourage you to visit their sites.